COVID-19 Guidelines

❌Reasons to reschedule❌
•Fever or DVT (blood clot) in the 72 hours before your appointment.
•You have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 and/or any other communicable disease.
•You have recently lost smell and/or taste.
•You are unable to wear a mask during your massage session.

❗️New procedures❗️
-Prescreening by phone the day before your appointment.
-Wait in your vehicle or courtyard until I notify you.
-Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the office. If your temperature is higher than 99.9°F, you will be rescheduled at no cost.
-You will have a questionnaire to fill out and sign prior to your massage.
-Intake questions to address your concerns for the day.
-You will disrobe to your comfort level and clothes placed in designated area.
-Conversation will be minimal, limiting to dialog on comfort of the massage and/or any adjustments that need to be made.