Gina W. - I can highly recommend Massage by Vi!!! I hurt my neck this week and was in so much pain that I couldn't even drive because I couldn't turn my neck. After a 30 minute massage, my pain was much reduced and I felt comfortable to drive shortly after. She also showed me some stretch techniques that I did to compliment the work she did and by the next day my pain was un-noticeable. I HIGHLY recommend Vi if you have any massage needs!!!!

Amy M.- Had the best massage today!! Vi was fantastic. Loved her knowledge and personality! I currently have a frozen shoulder and she knew exactly what to do for my problem. So pleased I found this place. And I love the decor. Beautiful and spotless!! Thanks, Vi!!

Mark W.- Highly recommend Vi, she is extremely attentive and able to find the perfect pressure throughout the massage. I have a lot of medical problems that kept me from massages, not anymore! If anyone is like me and tension is your wrecking ball, come see Vi, she will help tremendously!

Pamela R.- Vi ALWAYS makes me feel like a new woman..... my body feels rewarded. She's the best for whatever your body needs; stressed, tired, soreness, sinus, mood.... you name it she has a massage for YOU.

Ellen D.- Vi is wonderful. She asked questions about what I hoped the massage would do for me. She is kind, gentle and effective. I asked for relaxation and proceeded to actually fall asleep. I highly recommend her and cannot wait for my next massage!

Katie J.- Best massage in Lexington!!! I have been to Vi for prenatal, postnatal, a stiff neck, and simply relaxation. She never disappoints!!


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